Elite Eye Serum

Eye Serum Review #1  – The Elite Eye Serum Airless Syringe Applicator

Elite Serum ReviewElite eye serum is the latest in cutting edge eye serum technologies that combines both clinically back anti aging ingredients with the most powerful blend of anti oxidants seen in any eye serum anywhere in the world.  Designed to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles as well as puffiness, Elite eye serum combines only the best ingredients in their product.  Elite eye Serum has been praised for it’s airless syringe applicator.  Its’ currently the recommended eye serum by portal EyeSerum.com.

One eye serum reviewer said:  “It looks like an injection but glides on the skin – the serum is cooling, fresh, and regenerative.”

I set out to find out the facts on Elite Eye Serum.  Was Elite Eye Serum a scam?  Or was it the truth, the answer to everyone’s needs in the anti aging serum sector?  Find out below by reading the Elite eye serum review.

After asking for samples in exchange for some honest reviews and feedback, Skin Pro, the parent company of this product, happily obliged.  Directions say that consumers must agree to apply the products twice daily, as directed, for a period of 45 days, to see results.  We were told that six month usage would be even more beneficial.  Fair enough.   By making these requirements as well as coming from a diverse cross section of skin types, our testing would examine both the healing of aging symptoms as well as an overall rating as to what effect Elite eye serum had on our skin.  Keep reading this eye serum  review to find out why Elite Eye Serum is all the rave on shopping portals like Amazon.com, and find out just what our testing experience looked like after 45 days. [Read more...]

Murad Lighten and Brighten Eye Cream

muradMurad Lighten and Brighten Cream has a surprisingly large following considering its price.  We wanted to test this product out and wanted to give a a chance to deliver the resutls it documents so proudly on it sites.  Murad claims to reduce dark circles around the eyes by “over 59% and to reduce puffiness by up to 50% on average”.    That is a bold claim, but we noticed that there was no time frame listed. Not designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, this is not your complete eye serum, but if it holds up its end of the bargain it could still be recommended by us for its specific use.

We gathered three dozen consumers for the testing of this product.  Keep reading to see how they fared in their Murad eye cream review. [Read more...]

DDF Protective Eye Cream

ddfThe DDF Protective Eye Cream has quite a loyal following from its customers so we felt it was a logical addition to the site here.  DDF has had a few successful products in the past and we were hopeful to have the same result with this product as we have had with others.  Designed to protect the sensitive, paper thin skin found directly underneath the eyes, DDF provides nutrients and anti oxidant protection which it claims is one of a kind.  While it may be one of a kind, it is not because it is an impressive product….we were surprisingly disappointed in this one.   Read the entire eye cream review for details on why it didn’t impress us. [Read more...]

Neova Eye Therapy

neovaWe decided to include the Neova Eye Therapy here on this site as a review due to its use of an interesting ingredient.  Its main active ingredient is copper.  Copper is one of precious metals recently found to be exceptionally good at not only healing wrinkles but also protecting agains the elements of the environment.  The fact that it increases collagen as well as the protien elastin had us intrigued, and we were very hopefull of its success during our testing.

We established a group of testers, although we could not acquire as many who agreed to the use of Neova Eye Therapy we still managed to put together 12 willing consumers in addition to the staff here.  We set out on our testing of this product over a period of 8 weeks.  We had a feeling that the concentration of this product’s active ingredients was too low and it would need the extra time to show us the results we were looking for.  While copper generally works very quickly, it needs to be included in the proper dosages to make any real difference.  Keep reading for more about this eye serum by Neova. [Read more...]

Obagi Elastiderm Day Eye Gel

obagiWe have chosen to use the Obagi Elastiderm Day Eey Gel here on our site as an example of what happens when eye gel manufacturers stop paying attention to formulation details.  This sticky, gummy gel is a strange consistency and while we did not want to rule this out as an effective gel without giving it the proper test, we had a few serious questions about this product before we ever applied it to our face.

Eye Gels are a relatively recent spin as a delivery system in the eye cream world, and many think it is one of the best, but Obagi Elastiderm Day Eye Gel is not only tough to say, its tough to wear.  The product is directed to be applied in small dots around the eye area, and it is almost impossible to rub into your skin without noticing the distinct sticky feeling.  Read more about Obagi’s eye gel in our complete eye serum review. [Read more...]

Sudden Change Eye Serum

Sudden Change Eye Serum

Sudden Change Eye Serum

Sudden Change Eye Serum claims to make “sudden changes” to the skin in 3 minutes.  Right away that tells you there is either A) a bogus claim or 2) a non-therapeutic product.  Serums without therapeutic value are more along the lines of make-up, and while they will provide a quick change to the visible appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, they will not create any long lasting nourishment to the skin, so with that in mind, proceed as you wish.

A quick glance at the product formula of Sudden Change Eye Serum…

I’ll point out the obvious – many people are opposed to the use of parabens.  I’m not one of those people, but if you are a paraben-free skin care product user, this product isn’t for you….(some link it to cancer, which is another story that I won’t get into as my research shows that’s baloney).
Looking at the ingredient make-up of this product, there is nothing impressive nor do they feature any of the big hitting ingredients you’d expect to find in the top rated eye serums.  When we looked around, this was priced for $12.99, which tells us that it’s merely impossible to have any of the expensive active ingredients in the formula.
That said, we didn’t take any time to try the product, and in this case, we’re going to judge the book by it’s cover and assume it’s not up there with the best as the active amounts just can’t be up to par of the best eye serums out there.  But if you are a just itching to buy an eye serum and on a shoe string budget, please do us all a favor and let us know if this product worked for you.  Not holding our collective breaths here, but miracles aren’t sold for $12.99.
We’ll wait for comments and reviews to flow in and reserve an official judgment.