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About EyeSerumReviews.comTo contact me for any reason,  please use the form below.

I’m Gayle, and I started this website as a site to keep tabs on the eye serum industry.  Since starting this site, I’ve started to post my thoughts on other websites and have been hired as an eye cream reviewer and editor of EyeCream.com! I don’t do too much on this website as far as content updates these days as my writing and traveling keep me quite busy, but I’m happy to answer questions and always answer emails – there is a contact form below.

Full disclosure – I have received products free of charge in the past in order to give exposure and PR to companies – that’s something the blogging rules make sure I disclose.  However, my opinion can’t be bought for any price.  If I like your product, you’ll know – if I don’t, you’ll know, but I’ll also give you the option of holding back any eye serum review that you don’t want on my site.

I do have a review fee as well to help make up for my time and the work to get my thoughts from pen and paper to this here website.  Contact me today to find out more.

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