Instant Effect Serum

An instant effect eye serum is one that has an instant affect on the skin. An instant effect serum is one that normally makes some of the following claims:

  • Works instantly
  • Removes wrinkles on impact
  • Eliminates wrinkles in seconds
  • Wrinkles vanish before your eyes

Now, if you know anything about wrinkles, you know that they are impossible to eliminate.  An instant effect serum can help reduce their appearance, however, “removing or eliminating” them is simply not possilbe.  Yes, you can see them reduced in appearance or even eliminated for a period of time with an instant serum, but there is nothing therapeutic with this treatment.  If you are looking for a quick touch-up before a big event, or simply want to firm up the skin under the eyes once in a while, then an instant effect serum is probably for you.  As long as you keep in mind there is no long-term benefit using an instant serum, it’s a good compliment to using an everyday eye serum such as Elite Serum.