Murad Lighten and Brighten Eye Cream

muradMurad Lighten and Brighten Cream has a surprisingly large following considering its price.  We wanted to test this product out and wanted to give a a chance to deliver the resutls it documents so proudly on it sites.  Murad claims to reduce dark circles around the eyes by “over 59% and to reduce puffiness by up to 50% on average”.    That is a bold claim, but we noticed that there was no time frame listed. Not designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, this is not your complete eye serum, but if it holds up its end of the bargain it could still be recommended by us for its specific use.

We gathered three dozen consumers for the testing of this product.  Keep reading to see how they fared in their Murad eye cream review.

We chose only people who had chronic dark circles and puffiness as it is all that we could really test about this product.  We chose a testing period of 8 weeks for this product beacuse of the difficulty of removing dark circles for most products.  We were surprised by the fact that this product seemed to do very little for our dark circles, but consumers did see some reduction of fine lines.  As we said this is not intended to do that so we were skeptical, but when we measured the fine lines, they had, in fact, been reduced.


While most testers did not see any reduction in fine lines and wrinkles some did see the reduction in dark circles.  We did NOT document any results as significant as the claims we had read, but 23% of our consumers were pleased with the results.  On the whole we do not recommend this product, although it should be noted that many consumers planned to continue its use, as they felt it was going to help eventually.


  1. Patricia Landstone says:

    I didn’t notice a reduction in wrinkles, but my skin does have a new shine. This is a very good moisturizer/brightener but did not work as an eye serum.

  2. Renee Hanson says:

    Worked well, murad not only makes good eye creams but a plethora of other products as well.

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