Obagi Elastiderm Day Eye Gel

obagiWe have chosen to use the Obagi Elastiderm Day Eey Gel here on our site as an example of what happens when eye gel manufacturers stop paying attention to formulation details.  This sticky, gummy gel is a strange consistency and while we did not want to rule this out as an effective gel without giving it the proper test, we had a few serious questions about this product before we ever applied it to our face.

Eye Gels are a relatively recent spin as a delivery system in the eye cream world, and many think it is one of the best, but Obagi Elastiderm Day Eye Gel is not only tough to say, its tough to wear.  The product is directed to be applied in small dots around the eye area, and it is almost impossible to rub into your skin without noticing the distinct sticky feeling.  Read more about Obagi’s eye gel in our complete eye serum review.

We assembled  a test group of people and ran this test for a 4 week period of time.  Each of our testers noticed the same thing that we did.  We were hopeful of results which would minimize the uncomfort of wearing this cream, however they never came.  After a month, with no results to speak of we came the realization that this Eye Gel is just substandard.


We cannot possible endorse the use of this eye gel based upon the following criteria.  We believe that the formulation of this product is less than acceptable and the results are non existant.  While we do like gels as a delivery of eye treatments this one misses the mark.  The nasty sticky feeling that is left on your eyes, is impossible to fully absorb into your skin and leaves your feel “caked” with product.


  1. Linda J says:

    I didn’t mind the consistency of the formula, but I did mind paying a high price for something that didn’t work. I used a whole jar of this, and a jar of the cream, and saw no results whatsoever. Just a big expensive gimmick, like all the rest. I tried the whole Obagi system after recommendations from a medical spa I trust, but all I see is hugely overpriced exfoliation and bleaching. Waste of money.

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