Elite Eye Serum

Eye Serum Review #1  – The Elite Eye Serum Airless Syringe Applicator

Elite Serum ReviewElite eye serum is the latest in cutting edge eye serum technologies that combines both clinically back anti aging ingredients with the most powerful blend of anti oxidants seen in any eye serum anywhere in the world.  Designed to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles as well as puffiness, Elite eye serum combines only the best ingredients in their product.  Elite eye Serum has been praised for it’s airless syringe applicator.  Its’ currently the recommended eye serum by portal EyeSerum.com.

One eye serum reviewer said:  “It looks like an injection but glides on the skin – the serum is cooling, fresh, and regenerative.”

I set out to find out the facts on Elite Eye Serum.  Was Elite Eye Serum a scam?  Or was it the truth, the answer to everyone’s needs in the anti aging serum sector?  Find out below by reading the Elite eye serum review.

After asking for samples in exchange for some honest reviews and feedback, Skin Pro, the parent company of this product, happily obliged.  Directions say that consumers must agree to apply the products twice daily, as directed, for a period of 45 days, to see results.  We were told that six month usage would be even more beneficial.  Fair enough.   By making these requirements as well as coming from a diverse cross section of skin types, our testing would examine both the healing of aging symptoms as well as an overall rating as to what effect Elite eye serum had on our skin.  Keep reading this eye serum  review to find out why Elite Eye Serum is all the rave on shopping portals like Amazon.com, and find out just what our testing experience looked like after 45 days. [Read more...]