Neova Eye Therapy

neovaWe decided to include the Neova Eye Therapy here on this site as a review due to its use of an interesting ingredient.  Its main active ingredient is copper.  Copper is one of precious metals recently found to be exceptionally good at not only healing wrinkles but also protecting agains the elements of the environment.  The fact that it increases collagen as well as the protien elastin had us intrigued, and we were very hopefull of its success during our testing.

We established a group of testers, although we could not acquire as many who agreed to the use of Neova Eye Therapy we still managed to put together 12 willing consumers in addition to the staff here.  We set out on our testing of this product over a period of 8 weeks.  We had a feeling that the concentration of this product’s active ingredients was too low and it would need the extra time to show us the results we were looking for.  While copper generally works very quickly, it needs to be included in the proper dosages to make any real difference.  Keep reading for more about this eye serum by Neova. [Read more...]